Rosa Nurys Godet, Prominent Realtor, Joins William Pierce Luxury Real Estate

MIAMI, FLORIDA – William Pierce Luxury Real Estate is proud to announce that licensed real estate agent Rosa Nurys Godet has joined their esteemed team. With a remarkable background in the industry, Rosa Nurys Godet brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Miami-based luxury real estate agency.

Rosa Nurys Godet is a prominent businesswoman renowned for advising industrial and commercial investments on an international level. Alongside her association with William Pierce Luxury Real Estate, she is the founder of Roshacks Enterprise LLC, an esteemed investment counseling and insurance company registered in both Miami, Florida, USA, and the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, Rosa Nurys Godet is the esteemed CEO of N.V Exploitatie Maatschappij Revellion Aruba, a recognized real estate investment company located in the Caribbean. With its main office situated on the picturesque island of Aruba, the company has made significant contributions to the regional real estate market.

Despite her busy professional life, Rosa Nurys Godet maintains a balanced personal life as a mother to three children and grandmother to four grandchildren. Her dedication to humanitarian causes is awe-inspiring, as she is recognized for her works with the International Foundation El Paraíso de las Rosas (@Fipdlar). Through this organization, Rosa Nurys Godet assists and supports children, homeless individuals, as well as stray dogs and other animals in need across various countries.

Additionally, Rosa Nurys Godet holds the esteemed position of President of Inter Aruba Estate Group N.V. Moreover, she is the visionary creator of the forthcoming amendment known as “Alas Del Mar.” Although not yet fully revealed, this globally impactful amendment has been confirmed and deposited in the UNO. The amendment aims to provide a dignified burial to any individual who, for reasons such as a business trip or vacations, passed away outside their country of origin. The initiative ensures their remains are repatriated to the country of their choice.

William Pierce Luxury Real Estate is thrilled to have Rosa Nurys Godet join their esteemed team. Her invaluable expertise and dedication to both her clients and the community make her an invaluable asset to the company. With her multifaceted background and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional real estate services, Rosa Nurys Godet is sure to accomplish great things at William Pierce Luxury Real Estate.

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